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Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, tooth implants, dental bone grafting, cosmetic procedures, corrective jaw surgery, TMJ pain treatment, and cleft lip and palate repair. Meet our Wichita oral surgery team of doctors.

Our Patient Testimonials

  • "Very positive experience. Respectful and Professional. Skillful, i had no pain. Dr. Lichty took time so i could explain my symptoms and concerns and he addressed them all. My questions were answered before and after surgery. I was given print outs of the post-op instructions which were also reviewed with me verbally. I had no complications post-op. Thank you Dr. Lichty for your professionalism."

     —Julia P.
    "I was honestly terrified of getting my wisdom teeth out, but Dr. Blanchaert was amazing. He did a great job, and everyone there was really nice! The surgery was much cheaper than I thought it was going to be and when I had questions and complications (no one's fault) after surgery, they answered them and got me an appointment same day! Getting my wisdom teeth out has been so great, and so many of my tooth, jaw, and headaches are gone."

     —Brynn C.
    "Everything was exactly as communicated. I was in at the scheduled time, out before the scheduled time and after a couple days of healing I can see and feel that the stitches and the job was very well done. Feel very happy that my mouth isn't in a lot of pain and that the doctors took the time to stitch my gums correctly. Hopefully I don't need an oral surgeon in the future, but if I do, Dr. Blanchaert will be the guy."

    —Jaydin M.
  • "I had a good experience with the extraction of the roots of a molar that had broken off, leaving the roots and a space. It has been more than 3 months. I had no pain and the procedure was amazingly fast. Dr. Lichty was kind and pleasant as was his assistant."

     —Gretchen E.
    "Dr. Christopher Harris, his assistant, and a nurse, Amy, were amazing. I typically have high anxiety over dental procedures but they made it so easy for me. The staff at the front desk made sure to explain everything bill wise."

     —B. Huey
    "Excellent experience! Dr. Blanchaert and his assistant Tony did a wonderful job with my daughter. Tony made sure everything went well the entire time for which I am truly thankful. My daughter is afraid of needles but they did her IV so fast and efficiently."

     —Janel H.
  • "I had multiple fractures in my jaw. Dr. Harris did my surgery at Wesley and did an excellent job. For such a severe injury I thought he did an awesome job and was able to limit the discomfort the best anyone could."

     —Johnny L.
    "Took my 13-year-old daughter here for four extractions and an exposure and we had a great experience. Her healing time was very quick."

     —Jody P.
    "I had nothing but excellent care with a somewhat difficult procedure. I feel fortunate that Dr. Cole was the one to handle my surgery. It was most successful and I have a healthy full set of teeth again!"

     —Katherine B.
  • "I was treated extremely well by Dr. Blanchaert as well as all his staff. I had all my teeth surgically removed which automatically would be horrible but they provided medications that helped me make it through and I was assured there would be no dry sockets (a fear of mine). My questions were always answered and they were great in giving me support throughout this experience. I had been told Dr. Blanchaert was the best in his profession and that is the reason I went to him."

    —Karen K.
    "I went here today to get my wisdom teeth taken out and when I woke up from the surgery I was in the room with Assistant Necee. SUPER NICE LADY!!!! She definitely deserves the world plus so much more! She made me feel super comfortable and made me feel super safe with her she’s a new favorite of mine for sure!"

    — Elisa R.
    "I’m writing this review immediately after my appointment because of how impressed I am. I came in for a tooth extraction and was treated very well by the very sweet ladies running the front desks. After that Dr. Blanchaert helped me feel very relaxed considering I was so nervous I was about to cry, extracted the tooth painlessly in under 10 minutes, and all staff afterward helped me with my after-care instructions and payment. Thank you so much for making a very nerve-wracking thing so easy and being so kind, I would recommend this office to anyone and I understand why my dentist sent me here as well.

     —Jordyn S.
  • "Dr. Cole is exceptional. I had four wisdom teeth removed and had a problem with one tooth. Dr. Cole had to do a second procedure to remove some bone chips and a root chip and got me fixed up in short order. I very much appreciate all of his help."

     —Roger E.
    "Thanks to a job well done. My total experience was top notch. The professional care prompt service kind demeanor of the staff I came in contact with made my stress level a lot less. Dr. Blanchaert and his team worked well to get the job done and I couldn't be more pleased. Great job. Great team work.

    —Elva M.
    "Smooth on the wisdom extractions. Comforting and respectful environment. Dr Blanchaert, asst. Necee and the rest of the team, professional an enjoyable before an after nap time. Thank you! And keep up the awesome work."

     —Andrew P.



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