Multiple Extractions

What to Expect with Multiple teeth Extraction recovery

A small amount of bleeding is to be expected following multiple extractions of teeth. If bleeding occurs, place a gauze pad directly over the bleeding socket and apply biting pressure for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues, a moist tea bag can be used for 30 minutes. If bleeding persists, call our office immediately. Do not remove immediate dentures unless the bleeding is severe. Expect some oozing around the side of the denture.

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons will give you instructions for your multiple extraction recovery. For questions or concerns, please contact the oral pathologists of Wichita OMS.

Use ice packs (externally) on the same side of the face as the operated area. Apply ice for the first 36 hours only, and continuously while you are awake.

You should begin taking prescribed anti-inflammatory medication (Motrin) as soon as you begin drinking fluids or eating. However, the local anesthetic will typically wear off within hours. Your surgeon may choose to utilize long-duration local anesthetics in specific cases of multiple extractions. If so, the duration of anesthesia may be six to eight hours. If you experience severe pain, the prescribed narcotic pain medication should be taken as directed.

If you have been prescribed an antibiotic, be sure to finish the prescription. You may experience a resolution of the signs and symptoms of infection before completing your prescription.

In addition, it's important to drink plenty of fluids. In the case of multiple extractions, the blood you lose needs to be replaced. Drink at least six glasses of liquid the first day.

Do not rinse your mouth vigorously. After the first day, use a warm salt-water rinse (one-eighth teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water) every four hours and following meals to flush out particles of food and debris that may lodge in the operated area. After you have seen your dentist for denture adjustment, take out denture and rinse three to four times a day.

Restrict your diet to liquids and soft foods that are comfortable for you to eat. As the wounds heal, you will be able to advance your diet.

Lastly, follow all surgery recovery instructions to give your body the best chance to heal. Multiple teeth extraction recovery will be smoother if you follow all the post-surgical instructions.

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